Monday, 10 October 2011

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher.

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher. 

To be a Teacher was my grade school dream that when I enter in high school eventually vanished. When I was in Grade school, I have always seen my teachers as great persons, as the authority and that is something I liked to be when I was younger. But when I grew up, I wanted so many things, I wanted my own office with a telephone in it and a secretary, little things that an immature girl would think of that’s why I changed my dream from teacher to business woman, artist or fashion designer. Days pass and my dreams also change. When I was thinking about my course to take in college my mother and auntie’s suggested to take up education because it is my grandmother’s dream for them at first I was hesitant. They did not force me to take up education but I consider it as my second choice. And I got in college as an education student. At first I didn’t like it but eventually I learned to love it.
I might not be as passionate as others but I love it in my own way. And now I’m already in my 4th year in college, a practicum student and a graduating student. I can’t believe how I came this far. Whenever I’m looking back on my previous experiences I myself would think of  how did  I make it.  I’m not as smart as others are but I’m so thankful that I have passed thru with the challenges in my life. I know my achievements are not as great as those of the professionals but I hope that eventually I will be a professional. My dream to have my own office, telephone inside the office and a secretary can come true too if I will work hard and eventually promotion will pay off. Teaching may not be a pot of gold but in my experience as of now I can say that in teaching there is more than just money. The values and the lessons my students will share with me are more important to me as of now.
When I was in High school, my teachers would always say that it is hard to be in their part especially when the students are not participating, listening and passing their requirements and I wouldn’t believe them but now that I’m experiencing the same thing. I start to regret the days I didn’t listen to them. I’m not a good student when I  was in high school that’s why it is so hard for me to expect my students to be a good students when I’m not in my own time. But I’m very happy of what teacher and student relationship I have with my students now. In the future, I might encounter some difficulties in my career but rest assured that my experiences before and now in the present will help me grow and be a better person and teacher. J


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